Team Details

Annie Nsambu


Annie is a proud youth activist passionate about youth leadership, youth inclusion and targeted youth mentorship and coaching in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. She is currently serving as a national mobilizer for a social movement called activista Zambia which spearheads advocacy and lobbying for youths across the country. She is also a committee board member for an organization called call to action Zambia which focuses on youth leadership and capacity building. Her passion for youth development and representation continues to grow as believes she is a voice for change within her community and country at large. Her skills include strategic thinking, analytical, organizing and mobilizing. And She is an excellent team worker and is keen to learn and develop new skills. She is reliable and dependable and often seeks new responsibilities. She has an active and dynamic approach to work and getting things done and is adaptable to all challenging situations. Currently, she is a final year student at Rusangu University pursuing Environmental Health. In her spare time, she likes to read novels, travel, bake and eat good food.