AGYW Participation in CCM Meeting

AGYW through the youth constituency of the CCM were presented with an opportunity to attend the 2nd quarter GF-CCM meeting where they presented a position paper highlighting recommendations made by adolescents and young people at the Regional Adolescent Health Indaba (RAHi) that was convened by Zambian Youth Platform in June 2023.  During the indaba AGYW were part of the team of adolescents that were at the center of all the processes from Planning, facilitating sessions, ushering, and putting together the position paper.

The team was led by a Mentor under the Winning with Women and Girls Project accompanied by 4 Mentees. During the meeting, the team presented on the outcomes of the recent Regional Adolescent Health Indaba (RAHi) and shared a position paper that included a Call to Action. This Call to Action was formulated during were also given an opportunity to present the position paper, addressing the key issues affecting adolescents and young people. They also shared information about the background and success of the RAHi, including the challenges encountered and the lessons learned. The team also providing an update on ZYP, highlighting the organization’s current Projects with a focus on the WWW.G project.

Following the presentations, the discussion centered on the call to action and the pledge made during the RAHi. The ZYP team addressed queries and ensured a clear understanding of the call to action and recommendations while emphasizing the Key advocacy asks of reducing the age of access to HIV prevention and the inclusion of sign language interpreters at health facilities to increase access for adolescents and young people with disabilities.

A question-and-answer session followed the presentations, allowing CCM members to seek clarification on any aspects of the presentation. The ZYP team addressed the queries raised and ensured that all members had a clear understanding of the call to action, recommendations, activities, and expected outcomes.

Recommendations: made the CCM Chairperson as well as the members of the CCM.
  1. On behalf of all young people spread the word to strengthen collaboration between the CCM-Z, government, civil society organizations, and cooperating partners to ensure effective implementation of initiatives aimed at addressing the challenges faced by adolescents and young people.
  2. The CCM will continue supporting and engaging the AYP in providing accurate data, evidence, and advocacy for the empowerment of adolescent and young people in Zambia.


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