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About TYP

TYP is a network of adolescents and young people

The Youth Platform (TYP) is a regional network whose aim is to amplify young people’s movements, influence governance, and promote their contribution and leadership in the economic, social, and political development of the region; and advocate for the protection of adolescent’s rights and dignity. We Multiply the Faces and Amplify the Voices of adolescents and young people at all levels.

TYP formally known as ZYP was registered in 2016, and rebranded in 2022. TYP is currently the largest adolescent/ youth network in Zambia, with over 15,000 individual members and 200 youth groups \organization doted across Zambia. The membership includes youth-led/focused organizations, community clubs, student unions and other FBOs/CBOs.


TYP aspires to be a vibrant youth movement and coordinated entity of members.


To promote non stigma youth empowerment through coordinated advocacy.


TYP envisions a Zambia where young people are empowered.

TYP has coordination offices in all the ten (10) provincial centres of Zambia and also focal point organization in selected countries. The network represents adolescents and young people on key decision-making structures including; the GLOBAL FUND COUNTRY COORDINATING MECHANISM (CCM) , PEPFAR Civil Society Advisory Group (current chair), Civil Society Self Coordination Mechanism, National AIDS Council Board, National Adolescent Health Technical Working Group, SADC SRHR Community of Policy and Practice, as well as some provincial, and district structures the Global Men and HIV Technical Working Group .

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Andrew S Simataa

Senior Programs Officer

Oscar Nyaywa

Board Chairman Zambia Youth Platform/The Youth Platform

Miranda Ziba

Project Officer